About Jeetle is is an exciting reverse auction service offered by J9 Ventures.

How to Play on Jeetle

Jeetle is an exciting and engaging reverse auction game where the items available on auction will be sold to the Bidder who submits the Lowest Unique Bid.

To win on JeetLe you have to Bid Low and Bid Unique

1. Register as a member

You must be a registered member of Jeetle to participate in the auctions. There are no joining fees. It’s totally free to join! Registration is important as it enables us to contact you if you are the winner of an item.

2. Buy Bids

After registration process is complete, click the “Buy Bids” button and enter the amount you would like to deposit. You can pay through your credit card, debit card or Net Banking.

Select the CC Avenues Gateway (in case you are paying through credit card or debit card)

Click “Pay Now”

A minimum deposit of Rs.50 is required to buy bids.

Once you have made the payment click “Go to Auction” and you will be taken to the auction homepage where you will see all available auction items.

3. Bid Now

Select an auction item and click “Bid Now”. Enter your lowest unique bid here. You can enter multiple bids. Your bid should be greater than Zero and only upto 2 decimal point

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  1. Reena says:

    Great website…anyone can buy products at the cost of Coffee.

  2. syed kareemuddin quadri says:

    yes i need urgently this new samsung laptop for my bussiness R428 samsung…..

  3. prithivi says:


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